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A free resource created by teachers and mothers of teens to help you guide your child into their future!
If you are here you are most likely looking for information on how to help guide your teen as they build their 21st century future. We hope this saves you a lot of time and offers you solid directions to current, relevant information.
This site is designed for parents yet has many of the same elements of our teen site: www.buildareallife.com
This whole idea started in a high school classroom...read the newspaper article about it: Teacher Urges Students to Get Real!
If you want to further help your child gather information and skills to plan their future, check out the project that started it all, Get totally Real! a reality project for teenagers.
Get totally Real! takes teens on a unique journey of discovery into themselves where they not only learn about who they are now, but who they want to be as adults.
It guides them as they learn about critical life areas like education's value, skills to take control of their learning, decision making, motivation and goals, beliefs, career pathways, college, finances, happiness and more!
Get totallu Real! makes adults say..."I wish I'd had that when I was a kid!"
The new Parent Companion! that allows you to follow along and share your insights and experiences.
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